[Fanghua blooms "her" power] Pei Yuzhuo: Carry out the sweet career to the end

[Fanghua blooms "her" power] Pei Yuzhuo: Carry out the sweet career to the end

Since the industry, Pei Yuzhuo has worked hard on the road of introducing, experimenting, and promoting fruit trees and new varieties. She has left her footprints in the orchards in Jincheng. He has won the first prize of the nationwide agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery harvest. Actively spread agricultural practical technology.

As a senior agronomist at the Jincheng Modern Agricultural Development Center, Pei Yuzhuo relies on his strong professional knowledge and skills.

Promote practical technologies such as fruit bags, orchard raw grass, comprehensive prevention and control of pests and pests, and prevention and control of "cold spring".

A total of more than 1 billion puzzles were promoted, more than 200 times of fruit tree training, more than 10,000 fruit farmers, the high -quality fruit rate reached more than 65%, and achieved a revenue of fruit farmers about 100 million yuan.

In response to the "cold spring" that appeared in the spring in recent years, she reminded fruit farmers to take anti -freezing measures in a timely manner to implement the fruit tree insurance policy under various parties. In combination with production practice, the excellent variety of "Yellow Pear 1" was selected, more than 300,000 words of technical information were written, 4 provincial and municipal standards were completed and more than 20 articles were published. Do practical things for the people. Borrowing the opportunity to go to the countryside, she entered the village to promote the policy of strengthening farmers and benefiting farmers, and distributed more than 3,000 technical materials such as fruit trees planting. Mainly pushing the organic drought technology of the orchard, combined with agricultural time, write agricultural information such as "Chunchun Cold" prevention and orchard management in Jincheng, and use information such as telephone and WeChat to publish meteorological early warning in a timely manner. solve. In recent years, more than 500 people have solved farmers’ technical problems through telephone and WeChat. Really help farmers to increase their income.

Aiming at natural disasters such as frost damage and hail in recent years, actively participate in the pilot work of characteristic agricultural insurance policies, guide farmers to do a good job of disaster prevention in a timely manner, cooperate with insurance companies, and strive for fruit farmers with a value of more than 300,000 yuan. Farmers’ income.

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