[Evaluation Line] Create ideological and political courses that integrate ingenious navigation struggle

[Evaluation Line] Create ideological and political courses that integrate ingenious navigation struggle

  On the eve of the May 4th Youth Festival, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized during the investigation and investigation of Renmin University of China: Whether the ideological and political theory courses can play a role in Lide Shushu people. The adolescent stage is the "extraction of pregnancy" in life. To implement the fundamental task of establishing the people and the soul -making soul, we must attach great importance to educational ideas, prepare for teaching design, innovate in teaching methods, and be proficient in teaching methods. Precise control in teaching effects, and strive to cultivate students’ patriotism, social responsibility, innovative spirit, and practical ability.

  Take the ideological and political courses of "pouring flowers and roots, educating people".

During the discussion with representatives of teachers and students of Beijing Normal University, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that "Teachers are important because the work of teachers is to shape the soul, shape life, and shape people.

When a person meets a good teacher is the luck of life. A school has the glory of the school as a good teacher, and a group of good teachers are constantly emerging by a nation. "

The majority of teachers must always keep in mind the original intention of the people of Lide and the mission of educating people and educating the talents of the party, and strive to be the "four good" teachers with ideals and beliefs, moral sentiments, solid knowledge, and benevolence. Political education is integrated into various educating measures in Germany, Zhi, Sports, Beauty, and Labor, and actively leads the value of students to help students build and improve the value orientation, academic purpose, and personality development. It is also preaching to solve the confusion, as a teacher and a teacher.

  Build the main position of "following the law and emotional people".

Teachers are the main body of curriculum education. They are the organizers, leaders and executors of curriculum education. They determine the content and form of curriculum education. To carefully create the "first lesson", ideological and political courses, micro -courses and other courses. Following the law of students’ cognition, highlighting the emotional people, so that the curriculum is like spring, so that students can establish great ideals on the basis of knowledge cognition, theoretical sublimation, and emotional influence, and practice their original mission.

In the teaching of ideological and political courses, we must give full play to the role of the main position of the classroom education, organize ideological and political training, build a "moral education characteristic classroom", tell the red story to college students, play the role of typical demonstration and role models, help students establish and do Improve value orientation, academic interest, and personality development, and promote comprehensive development.

It is necessary to guide students to carry out classroom discussions and group debates, so that students are identifying and cognition. In order to learn, they must be determined first. To struggle in life, we must have the goal. Jianqiang’s "Shouzheng Xin, Deyi Shuangxin". The construction of the teacher team is a strategic engineering with a global impact. It must give priority to planning teacher work, prioritize the investment of teachers, give priority to meeting the needs of the teacher team building, and make teachers the most respected profession.

We want to build a team of high -quality professional teachers with noble morality, exquisite business, reasonable structure, and vibrant, and use the ideals and beliefs of "educators to be taught first" and guide young students to establish the same as the theme of the times. Good students learn knowledge, innovative thinking, and refining character to attract people, and encourage them to learn to report to the party and report to the country, bloom youthful glory. It is necessary to strengthen the management of teachers in the ideological and political courses of primary and secondary schools, and improve the enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity of ideological and political teachers through strict selection, training incentives, training evaluation and other effective measures. Teacher team with sufficient, excellent quality, and politics.

  Young people, the king of life, the spring of life, and the Chinese.

"A generation has the experience of a generation, and a generation of young people has the mission of a generation."

We have to take the ideological and political lessons in the new era, full of enthusiasm and dedication to the motherland and the people of the people, to consolidate the enthusiasm and dedication of youth, and actively participate in the great cause of revolution, construction, and reform. Essence

  Author: Editor Ren Jianhua:.