Falter scene "Lovo Changan"

Falter scene "Lovo Changan"

With the "Yanta Cherry Blossom" brand promoted cultural tourism consumption in 2021, the Yanta District of Xi’an was successfully selected into the Shaanxi Province Tourism Demonstration Zone. Combined with the normalization of the new crown pneumonia’s epidemic situation and a new trend of the development of cultural consumer markets, the 2022 6th Yanta International Cherry Blossom Festival, which was launched not long ago, used the advantages of the provincial -level tourism demonstration zone to promote it with multiple offline promotion and lines. The way to spread the interactive communication creates a festive atmosphere of "cherry blossoms at the Goose Pagoda". The Yanta International Cherry Blossom Festival has launched more than 10 categories of activities, including the creation of hundreds of merchant cherry blossom festival atmosphere, online cultural tourism line network expert promotion, cultural tourism products Douyin live sale special sale, Yanta cherry blossom cultural and creative competition, "gooseya The tower cherry blossoms "co -branded products sold, Yanta Cultural Tourism Mobile Exhibition Hall and other contents, give full play to the advantages of the" Yanta Cherry Blossom "brand, help the recovery of cultural tourism enterprises in Yanta District, drive Xi’an Cultural Tourism Consumption, and meet the needs of high -quality cultural tourism in the public. Essence Compared with the activities of previous years, this year’s Cherry Blossom Festival has made more exploration and innovation through cultural empowerment and cherry IP blessing through cultural empowerment and cherry blossom IP blessing. Waita viewing flowers to see the scenery.

"This year, we launched the" Yanta Sakura "Cultural Tourism Mobile Exhibition Hall, linking SAIC Roewe and Shaanxi Third Enterprises to focus on displaying boutique cultural tourism lines and cultural and creative products created by Yanta District in recent years. Experience cherry blossom makeup and purchase of cherry blossom cultural and creative products have provided convenience.

In addition, citizens can also participate in cherry blossom car color car pick -up services. Yang Hong, director of the Culture, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Yanta District, Xi’an, said.

Yanta District is a well -known cultural tourism area in the country. In recent years, Yanta District has deeply activated the connotation of cultural tourism, relying on commercial areas, tourist attractions, and cultural and creative parks to promote the deep integration and development of cultural and business tourism, build urban cultural IPs, and actively develop diversified diversification Hua Cultural Tourism Product System.

The new city of Ledu New City is one of the main urban areas of Xi’an.

At present, while doing normalization of the epidemic, the third National Consumption Festival of the 2022 New City was held last month. At the consumer festival, the non -genetic inheritors introduced the characteristics of the provincial non -heritage project "Hanyin White Fire Stone Soup". "This year’s National Consumption Festival makes full use of the new media platform to carry out publicity, and create a strong consumption atmosphere through short video punch cards, live broadcasts, race grass, community group purchase and other activities. Continue to launch new consumption scenarios, consumption methods and consumer combinations.

A staff member of the New City Culture and Tourism and Sports Bureau of Xi’an City said that the new city district is focusing on the theme of urban cultural tourism such as tea culture and night travel foods to carry out the promotion of new city cultural tourism in the new city with the new city and the new city. The promotion of cultural tourism consumer resources has attracted tourists and consumer groups to enter the new city and feel the new city.

In addition, Xincheng District also uses the New Town National Consumption Festival platform to launch a special district (key business district) promotional activity of "Leisure Fashion Living New Town", "Flowing Emile Night Tour New Town" Night Tour Carnival, etc. "Beautiful New Town". 2022 New City’s 3rd National Consumption Festival uses the eight series of promotions to promote the recovery of cultural tourism consumption, and contributes to the new city for Xi’an’s "cultural tourism industry in deep integration".

Before the end of May, as the first round of the National Consumption Festival, Yongxingfang’s happy season and Global Port Happy "Sen" Living Festival and other cultural tourism consumption feast continued to attract citizens and tourists to the new city "Hi Shop Tour". Cultural tourism set meals, the thickness of the "Chang’an" Mingcheng Wall, the market of Yongxingfang, the crowds of people at Xi’an Station, and the ancient and vitality of Danfengmen represent the strong humanistic colors of Xi’an. Recently, the new and expansion of Xi’an Railway Station has attracted many visitors, because from here, you can look down on the style of Danfengmen ruins in Daming Palace and watch the magnificent Xi’an city walls south. In this regard, the Xi’an Cultural and Tourism Bureau seized the opportunity of urban renewal, and united the China Railway Xi’an Bureau Group Co., Ltd. to make the beading chain of Xi’an Railway Station, Daming Palace National Site Park, and Xi’an City Wall Scenic Area. · The theme tourism product of the station · City has launched special tickets for "Xi’an City Wall+Railway Station+Daming Palace", "Parallel Universe" to travel to Daming Palace and digital cultural experience products to meet the differentiated needs of citizens and tourists. "When the passengers took the elevator from the north of the train station to the ground, they saw that the first building of Xi’an was the Danfengmen Park of the Daming Palace National Site Park. The grandness of the country when the country came to the dynasty.

Hui Lixia, deputy director of the passenger transport department of China Railway Xi’an Bureau Group Co., Ltd., said.

Recently, the Xi’an Cultural and Tourism Bureau planned 17 key activities including "Rhythm Healthy Leisure Tour", "Enjoy Ecological Picking Tour" and "Changan Cultural Tour", and launched 23 boutique lines and ten top topics nearly 100. Pickings are committed to letting the general public enjoy the colorful charm of Changan City.

At the same time, the theme activities such as the 21st climbing festival of Cuihua Mountain, the New City International Tea Cultural Tourism Festival, and the Cherry Picking Cultural Tourism Festival are planned to allow visitors to enjoy a good experience while enjoying the beauty.

"We adhere to the normalization of the epidemic prevention and control and the steady growth of cultural tourism ‘to focus on both hands’, maintain the popularity of the cultural tourism market, and accelerate the recovery of the cultural tourism market." Yu Yajun said that the launch of cultural tourism activities aims to enrich and activate the Xi’an tourism market and lead the leading drive. The enthusiasm and initiative of propagating and marketing in the district, county, and development zones promotes the rapid recovery of the tourism industry. Next, the Xi’an Cultural and Tourism Bureau will also seriously plan cultural and tourism activities to promote the high -quality development of the city’s culture and tourism industry with multiple measures.

(Reporter Qin Yi).