Xinhua Full Media+丨 Order, Personal Heart Stability, Scientific Restaurant and Ping An -Sichuan Ya’an "6 · 1" Lushan Earthquake 24 hours after the earthquake

Xinhua Full Media+丨 Order, Personal Heart Stability, Scientific Restaurant and Ping An -Sichuan Ya’an "6 · 1" Lushan Earthquake 24 hours after the earthquake

  Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, June 2nd: Order, Personal Heart Stability, Scientific Disaster Rescue and Ping An —— Sichuan Ya’an’s "61" Lushan Earthquake Scan the Xinhua News Agency reporter 41 woundeds in Xinhua News Agency. Danan Road has been seized, the main route of the transmission has been seized, and the communication is basically restored … Within 24 hours after the "61" Lushan earthquake in Ya’an, Sichuan, the headquarters continued to summarize the updated information. One side is safe. Quickly assemble, earthquake trigger emergency response "conditional reflection", "fast fast, opposite road!" A monitoring video of a Lingguan police station in Baoxing County showed that when the earthquake occurred, the police auxiliary police rushed to Lingguan Middle School across the road as soon as possible. At that time, about 700 teachers and students were at school.

Without any hesitation, the auxiliary police officers rushed into the school gate and assisted the school to evacuate teachers and students. More than 30 kilometers away from Lushan County, Lushan County People’s Hospital Emergency Doctor Le Wenqing was in a meeting. After the earthquake, the order of the dean’s evacuation was quickly issued. The division of labor of medical staff quickly transferred more than 160 resident patients downstairs, and 10 of them were lifted down with a stretcher. In the view of Le Wenqing, the reason why the hospital can organize is so orderly, which originated from the continuous improvement of emergency response mechanisms of Lushan County People’s Hospital since the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake.

"Over the years, after the test of large and small emergencies, the plan has been continuously adjusted and improved, and we have confidence to deal with and deal with it.

"After the earthquake, Ya’an quickly launched the secondary emergency response of the earthquake disaster, set up a city and county earthquake relief joint headquarters to quickly mix more than 4,600 rescue and rescue forces such as public security, fire rescue, armed police, and medical rescue of the city and county. Latin -type inspection and search and rescue. The surrounding rescue forces also quickly assembled to the epicenter. Gong Bing, deputy mayor of Ya’an City Government, introduced that on the night of June 1, the local Baoxing Middle School, Baoxing Stadium, and Fenghe Village Village Committee of Lushan County were set up overnight. When the transfer settings are 61, the earthquake intensity is evacuated by the eight townships in the area of ??7 degrees, and the emergency transfer resettlement is 12,722 people. Very familiar. I asked the organization to fight and sent me to the front line as soon as possible.

"The 49 -year -old Yang Xinlu is the captain of the Communist Party member service brigade of the Sichuan Ya’an Lianxinqiao Communist Party. When the earthquake occurs, he is conducting the college entrance examination and electricity. He heard that his hometown earthquake was burned. After arriving at the resettlement point quickly, Yang Xinlu led the team to start immediately On -site survey and formulation of electricity preservation solutions, and do a good job of generator solids and cable exhibitions in turn.

"It’s lighter, it’s on!" When Yang Xinlu led the team to highlight the emergency lighting light of the resettlement point, the surrounding people praised them. On the afternoon of the 2nd, when the reporter saw Min Xingyan, a staff member of the Mu Velof community in Baoxing County, she had a hoarseness because of her sleeping work. When the earthquake occurred, she was playing with her children immediately. She immediately took her family to avoid the risk of her family. "As soon as she ran to the outside dam, the mobile phone rang. We immediately arranged to gather at the nearby assembly point according to the work arrangement.

Since then, she knocked on the door with the community cadres from house to house, and concentrated all the residents of the community to three resettlement points including Baoxing Middle School. At 5 o’clock on the morning of the 2nd, only two hours of rest, Min Xingyan went with colleagues to go with her colleagues. Various communities in the city are damaged in houses.

    From Lushan to Baoxing, the reporter saw that at every place of resettlement of the affected people, the party flag fluttered. "From ‘512’ to ‘420’, to this earthquake, the people saw the dedication and responsibility of the Communist Party members from the disaster rescue.

Gao Yonghong, director of the Standing Committee of the Lushan County People’s Congress.

  Optimistic and brave, after the haze, Ya’an still beautiful from Ya’an to Lushan County and Baoxing County. The reporter saw that the main local traffic roads were almost influenced by the earthquake disaster. New fast roads were built through the construction of tunnels. The probability of destruction is greatly reduced, and local volunteers are constantly providing services to rescue vehicles and the masses of rescue vehicles and the masses along the way. "When the earthquake happened, I was picking tea on the mountain. If it wasn’t for the tea tree, I almost sat on the ground.

"Yang Jinmei, 51 -year -old in Taiping Town, Lushan County, said when the earthquake recalled the scene.

But soon, the cadres of the village group began to go to the village to enter the household danger. Point at Baoxing Middle School in Baoxing County, 18 -year -old senior high school student Han Liezheng gathered to reconcile his homework. There are more than 600 junior high school students in this resettlement point.

Although the earthquake affected their review rhythm, the resettlement points were complete and orderly, and the teachers and principals accompanied them.

"We will definitely take the time to prepare for the time and work hard!" Han Lie said.

  "Come and eat a rice dumplings.

"At 6 pm on the 2nd, the owner of the Maoyuan Hotel in Lushan County warmly entertained the guests who came to the store. She said that the most worried that the earthquake will affect everyone’s enthusiasm for everyone to travel. There is no crack in our house.

She said with a smile.

  The reporter learned from the Ya’an Cultural Tourism Bureau that after the earthquake, Ya’an City made a temporary closed park decision and a safety inspection of some well -known scenic spots, and other scenic spots were open normally.

"Today we have more confidence and confidence in disaster. Please believe that Ya’an is still beautiful!" Said Zhou Wanping, director of the Ya’an Cultural and Tourism Bureau.

(Reporter Ren Yan, Wu Guangyu, Dong Xiaohong, Hu Xu, Li Li Ke, Lu Yiyi, Feng Jiashun).